Lose Weight with a Chocolate Cake Breakfast!!!

Lose Weight with a Chocolate Cake Breakfast!!!

Posted by Oyin on 30th Jan 2018

Yep you read it right!

So here's me, working out at the gym, sweating it out on the cross trainer, then this comes up on on BBC1. It definitely caught my attention. 

Now I must say, I looove a good chocolate cake. Anytime I go into any cafe, that's the first thing I look out for - It's kinda my guilty pleasure. So you can only imagine my excitement when I heard that eating chocolate for breakfast can help you lose weight.

So what's the story?

Apparently, dark chocolate is good for brain power and the antioxidants it contains, are great for us too. Having a chocolate cake in the morning when our metabolism is at its highest will help burn the calories quicker and stifle craving through the course of the day. Meaning we end up eating less rubbish. Less rubbish = Weight Loss.

Sounds like a good diet plan to me. Bring on the cake! Whoop whoop!