How To Make Number Templates/Cutters

How To Make Number Templates/Cutters

31st Mar 2018

In cake making, There's an endless catalog of tools you can buy to make your caking task easier. Quite early in my caking journey, I told myself I won't spend any money on a tool I really didn't need. Criteria for qualifying as a need? You need to ask yourself the following questions;

Would it be a tool I would use often?

Is it just a one off tool?

Can I justify the cost of it for the cake I need it for or potential cakes I might need it for?

Can I improvise (you'd be amazed at would you can improvise with if you open mindedly look around the house or your existing tool box)?

Can I get a cheaper alternative?

Can I borrow it from a friend (only if it'll be a one off)?

For a long time after I started baking, I was using an 'upside down' bowl as my turntable till I felt, "ok girl, now you need to get a proper turntable"

Large number cutters can be quite pricey, so making your own can be quite cost effective especially if you don't use them that often.

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