Diary of a Cakemaker #19

Diary of a Cakemaker #19

13th Sep 2023

It was an extreeeemely busy week last week — I feel like I was going at 100 miles per hour!

Lots of lovely things happened – let's start with the weather! Boy, I loved the heat! It was gorgeous, but of course hot weather is every cakemaker’s nightmare! For the first couple of days of the heatwave, we agreed that it wasn’t overly warm in the Cakery. Big mistake! The next day it was absolutely BOILING! We had the fans going, and the fridge full of cakes until the very last minute before delivery or collection — with strict instructions to our clients to get their cakes back in the fridge asap! ?️?

We had 4 wedding cakes this week: I think it was the first time we had 2 cakes at two venues on consecutive days! So off we went to Norwood Hotel and Old Meldrum House Hotel with cakes on Friday and then back again on Saturday with two more! It’s a shame we couldn’t leave both on the first day — and just say ‘if you could hang on to this cake until tomorrow and bring it out when it is time, that would be fab! Byeee!’ Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that! ?

On Friday evening and Saturday, I attended a Women’s Conference at King’s Church in Bridge of Don, it was amazing! I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a completely life-changing event. I can’t really find the words to explain — but it was mind blowing, like a re-ignition of my spirit. I am part of the Welcome Team at our church for Sunday Service each week, and the following day it was so nice to welcome people with a renewed energy.

My sister and her family came over for the day after church, and I braided my niece’s hair. I am pretty good at braiding — I don’t do it for the ‘public’ mind you — but I do, my niece’s and my daughter’s hair. My poor daughter always says she would like to go to a salon to have her hair done, and I always reply why would I pay for you to have it done when I can do it for free?! So, she has never been to a salon — but she’s got me, what more could she need? ? 

The US Open has come to an end, and I am sooo happy that the two players I was rooting for — Coco Gauff and Novak Djokovic — both won!  Yay!   Most evenings my husband and I have sat watching the matches together but, when it came to the finals, I had a different way of approaching it! I don’t do suspense — at all. I will not watch any TV or movies that have suspense or tension … if it isn’t a happy movie, I’m not watching!

It’s the same for tennis, especially if it is a player I am really supporting. I just can’t bear to watch! ?. So I switch off the TV and wait to find out who has won, then watch the match (but only if my favourite has won)! Makes perfect sense, right? I found out on Sunday morning that Coco had won — she is such an amazing player and totally deserved to win — and on Monday morning that Novak had got his 24 th (!!!) Grand Slam title, so smiles all round from me!

I’m looking forward to the rest of this week, I think it should be a fun one — let’s go!