Diary of a Cakemaker #18

Diary of a Cakemaker #18

6th Sep 2023

Our office manager Julie was off last week, so we had a pretty chaotic time juggling working in the kitchen and answering all the calls and emails. I just hope, when she gets back, that Julie doesn’t tell us off for getting buttercream all over her desk! 

It has also a been a hectic week for me on the home front. My family and my kids are my priority — I am always a mother first and foremost! My son is in the 4th year at school, and it’s all about the exams this year, so we have spent some time focusing on that. We went to parents’ evening and were given a lot of information — hopefully they don’t set an exam for us parents too, to see how much we can remember! 

We celebrated my daughter's birthday over the weekend, with a whirlwind of going out, seeing family, and meals out! Throw in a couple of wedding cakes to finish and deliver, and it was a full-on couple of days. 

I went hill walking with my walking group Usana Mindset on Friday for a Walk & Talk session — they are amazing — you get all the benefits of being active and outside and a chance for a spot of mentoring and reflection at the same time. We also did a challenge. Ziplining. At The Highland Fling Bungee in Pitlochry 

Mmm, there was just one slight problem, I hate heights! Even the sight of the sign for the Forth Road Bridge breaks me out in a cold sweat, never mind dangling on a rope from goodness knows how high up! I won’t deny it, it was sooo far out of my comfort zone that it tested me on every single level. I guess I am proud that I managed it and didn’t chicken out (I would if I could have. I stood frozen at the top of the scary ladder for what felt like 10mins). The rest of my teammates were very kind and patient. They kept cheering me on. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the others, but I just felt completely drained — and definitely not keen to repeat the experience! Happy to be back on terra firma alright! I have however made the decision to work on my fear of heights so any tips would be highly appreciated 

We ended the day at the best chipper I have ever had the @ Plaice to Be. That definitely made up for my earlier torture 

The Cakery is set to be VERY busy this coming week, we have loads of orders, a quite a number of corporate events (and lots of enquiries for potential large corporate events) and 4 weddings – it is certainly a very busy week, so it’s all hands on deck! Thankfully, the wonderful Julie is back with us so it definitely shouldn't be as stressful — fingers crossed!  They say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ … and I’m already very fond of Julie, but my goodness did we miss her a lot when she wasn’t here!