Diary of a Cakemaker #16

Diary of a Cakemaker #16

16th Aug 2023

Last week started with our kids’ school holiday cupcake camp. Always great fun and chaotic with some fabulous creations made! I stayed at the Cakery afterwards, even though technically I was ‘on holiday’ — sometimes it is hard to tear yourself away!

Wednesday was an early start, networking at 6.30am then home to get the kids to start our road trip! Central belt Scotland, here we come! We stayed at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel in Falkirk. The spa was delightful, and the view from the pool? — just wow!

There was also a tennis court ... I wasn’t too naughty, only a few hits with the kids using a soft ball — just don’t tell the physio! 

Our second day was spent in Edinburgh, for some exploring and the Fringe Festival, which I really enjoyed. I’m not so sure the kids enjoyed so much walking about. We definitely got oursteps in that day! The next morning, we were all pretty weary, and stayed at the hotel to chill. I don’t think we even left the room until about 3pm (!) when we set off to explore Falkirk.

The Kelpies (incredible horse statues for any non-Scottish readers! see the pics) were amazing— they looked so cool lit up as the sun went down.

What can I say about our trip to the Livingston Outlet Mall?  It is huuuge! I’m not the biggest fan of shopping at the best of times — but this place was so giant it was overwhelming. After a couple of hours I had had enough! & to be fair, my wallet probably had too!

We got back home on Saturday evening. I was shattered! Some people do the Aberdeen to Edinburgh trip in a day, but for me it is a TREK! I don’t like long distance driving; it takes me ages to recover! So straight to bed for me, and a lie in on Sunday after church. 

It was a lovely break — the perfect balance of completely switching off and relaxing (my phone was in ‘don’t disturb’ mode all through, so not even a notification to disturb me) and being thoroughly exhausted then refreshed 

The team held the fort amazingly — no emergency calls and I’ve been able to start back this week knowing all is well — the joy of having a great team!

This week we have another cupcake camp, weddings, a kids’ party, a charity cycling event and lots of orders. Plenty to keep me busy — let’s get to it!