Diary of a Cake Maker #17

Diary of a Cake Maker #17

23rd Aug 2023

We had our final Kids Camp of the summer last Tuesday, and this time I ran it. The lady who usually runs them was on holiday, so I got stuck in. I really enjoyed myself, and I think kids did too. It was a lot of fun hanging with them and making a fool of myself! **? ?

One of the highlights of this week was an interesting and unusual cake order for a 50th birthday. It was the tallest single tier cake we have ever done, coming in at a whopping 16 inches tall! Once the decorative topper was on, the cake stood at 22 inches high! We had to build a little structure into it to stop this epic tower from toppling!

While keeping busy during the week, Saturday was looming on the horizon. I kept thinking to myself, “Oyin, what were you thinking? What have you let yourself in for?” You’ll see why — Saturday went like this ...

(Takes deep breath) first, I had two cakes to deliver early in the morning, one to Maryculter House and one at Norwood Hall Hotel. Then a dash back to the Cakery just in time to run a kids cupcake party. Next stop was a Charity Cycle Ride, run by Team Cycle, Aberdeen’s first spin studio. I must admit I had been dreading it a teeny bit, but it was actually really fun! The cycle started at 2.45pm, and was for 2 hours, I then had to rush back to attend a class at 5pm, which lasted for 2.5 hours!

As you can imagine, by the time I got home, all I was fit for was slumping on the sofa. I was out for the count within minutes!

Sunday was more restful, well kind of — for me anyway! **? We went to church, and then I took a walk while my daughter was at table tennis training. Afterwards I went to a BBQ for my BNI group at the lovely Ardoe House Hotel & Spa. The food was delicious, and it was good to catch up with everyone.

Then it was time for school uniform shopping with my daughter. My friends laugh at me and call me lastminute.com — but that’s just how I roll! We got uniform and a lunch box, even if we did have to visit 4 different shops for the ‘right’ lunch box! **?

Ooh, and I had to squeeze in a ‘test run’ early in the morning to see how my ankle is healing, as I haven’t been running for 2.5 weeks and I am all signed up for a 10K run this week! And a charity walk in the midst another ‘busy-busy’ baking week. I know, I know, what am I like? I just can’t say no! As ever, bring it on!!