Employee Benefit Package

The Employee Benefit Package


The day I returned to work after my 2nd child, I received a bouquet of flowers it was addressed ‘Welcome back, with love from all at ….’ Employees being welcomed back with a bouquet of flowers was certainly not the norm where I worked. It was something arranged by my boss in the head office in London. I truly felt important and appreciated.

This is what birthed the idea for cakes as a token of recognition and appreciation. Everyone likes to feel special. Feeling special definitely stimulates employees to perform better. And in city with relatively high employee turnover every little definitely helps

Unlike a lot of employee benefit packages, such as gym membership, healthcare, this is more personal and inexpensive and has a far reaching effect on employee morale – it is definitely different.

There are 2 options:

  1. Individual cakes or cupcakes can be delivered to celebrants on their birthdays*
  2. A celebration cake or packs of cupcakes can be delivered at an agreed time of the month (possibly a Friday afternoon) to celebrate the group of employees born within the month – it is also an opportunity for employees to come together to network and unwind.
*For option 1, all you’d need to do is give us a list of employees names and birthdays and we’d simply save you the stress of calling us to order cakes

In addition, both the employer and employees have access to discounts (discount code & staff ID required)

10% discount on company purchases | 10% discount for employees

How it can help your company

  • ROI by potential increased performance and productivity
  • Improves workplace morale
  • Enhances your recruitment packages
  • Quick and easy to implement


Other Corporate services include, providing;

  • Bespoke cakes/dessert cakes/cupcakes (with the option of including the company logo) for events, exhibitions & conferences.
  • Nicely gift packaged cakes/cupcakes for Clients


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