Jill Miller

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Name: Jill Miller 
What you did before caking: 
I'm  woman of many talents! I've been a butcher, a barmaid, a nursery worker and a cook. All whilst doing cakes on the side for friends and family.
What would you do if you weren’t caking:
I've always wanted to be a paramedic. I just think they are amazing! So probably  studying to work towards that.
I would say roller derby but after 10years and 2 world cups, I've very recently retired. So my current hobbies are chilling at home with my husband and cat or spending time with my friends, family and my wee nephew. I'm enjoying not having a hobbie at the moment but I'm sure that won't last long.
Something interesting about you that most people don’t know:
In 2003, I played the bagpipes at the world championships with Olmeldrum Pipeband in the grade 4B level. We won and we got t-shirts printed, I still have that t-shirt. 
Share a caking tip:
Baking is like science, if one element is wrong, it can ruin a good bake.